Planet series. Coming soon.

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Heads up! Planet series is coming soon. 

One click, it tells you the time. Another click, it tells you your life. Enjoy your style. Time and Style takes turns, its your choice.

Inspired by the rims on a wheel, it has been transposed to Nitron’s Planet.

Contours of the metallic rim-bezel are constructed with the intention to create dynamism on your wrist. Each of the 5 spokes on the Planet has been carefully welded to protrude at an angle only to unite at the central axis of the watch.

With a turn of the 5-spoke bezel, the metallic rim reveal the different time zones. With another turn of the spoked-bezel, the watch transforms, and time vanishes. Exposing the exciting colours and the carefully engraved crocheted patterns. This click that comes with the turn of the bezel is meant to make your senses tick.

Bring your mind alive, reveal your style, your personality.

Leading a life without time.

The bidirectional turning motion of the Planet’s spoked-bezel creates an exciting watch to carry especially for the jet-setters. From the suit-and-tie formal functions to a wild party night, Planet brings you the restrained and the flamboyance in a timepiece. Planet keeps the jet-setters in step with the various time zones too.

Simple as it looks, a turn of the bezel lures you into the dynamic and exuberant world of Nitron.

Planet is coming soon. 

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